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Ebubedike has a new cover!

by Staff writer

Brief synopsis:

To save his love, a great warrior has to make a journey to a dangerous land.

Will Ebubedike defeat the mischievous desertlings and bring back the cure, or easily succumb to the dark magic that reigned in the land of sand and dust?

Lovers of DNB style of epic fantasies will enjoy this one as well.



It was a time long ago. The time of Ebubedike, the greatest warrior Aban ever knew.

He was tall and huge.

In some of the stories you would hear that he stood equal to a palm tree, or that he cut palm fruits while standing, because there was no need to climb.

That his chest was the size of two cocoyam leaves placed side by side each other.

His thighs looked like tree stumps.

He had become a warrior at just 17, after he threw Ikuku, the wind, in a wrestling match.

It had been a shocking defeat; Ikuku had never been thrown before. He was the wind nobody touched.

None of his opponents saw or touched him, till they were on the ground, and he was dancing round them in victory.

But it wasn’t that Ebubedike dirtied Ikuku’s back that had amazed all so much, it had been the ease with which he’d done it.

He had seen the wind, touched him, grabbed and held him, and sent him crashing to the ground.

The people that gathered did not give up the usual loud cheer that mark a win immediately.

Many mouths were open, but they were silent. All stared at the scene, too shaken to talk.

Ikuku was on the ground, one of Ebubedike’s feet on his chest, his right hand up in the air to indicate his victory.

It wasn’t till the spectators recovered that they gave up the loudest roar the wrestling grounds of Aban has ever known.

And that was where, Nwokonkwo, the warriors’ trainer then, picked Ebubedike and made him one of his students.

Several months gone, he’d coached young Ebubedike into a warrior of matchless strength.

Marked by the gods, Ebubedike was an unconventional warrior. He fought without weapons.

A bow felt feathery in his hand. A machete he knew not how to use. His strength was in his hands and he fought with them bare.

With one quick movement of his hands, he snapped his opponents’ necks to a side. A tiny click and the head is seen swinging loose from the person’s neck.

Rarely would they give out a scream before dropping to the ground in death.

One blow from him sent a man flying into the air once, like a bird with wings. In some of the stories, you would hear that the man never returned to land.

But with all the strength, one was Ebubedike’s weakness.


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  1. One of my most favorite stories on DNB

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