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Books currently on sale are:

Quarter of a Blue Moon

DNB Love Stories' Collection - 2



Roommates - Season 3

Roommates - Season 2

Something Bigger Than Love - Book 2

Something Bigger Than Love - Book 1

The Perfect Gardener and Other Stories

Roommates - Season One

My Smiling Baby Boy and Other Stories


Ebubedike and the Desertlings of Uforo

Ola - The Tale of a Young Moon Maiden


The Village Girl - Book 1

The Village Girl - Book 2


Grace Abounds

Love and Other Things that Follow

Tales From Gloria - Season 1

Diary of a Sinful Daughter and Other Stories

DNB Love Stories' Collection - Edition 1



N1,000 [One thousand Naira] for any TWO eBooks of your choice.

Payment method:

Acct. Name - Nkado Daniel

Acct. No. - 0119592312

Bank - Guaranty Trust Bank

After payment, send an email to danielnkado@gmail.com with payment evidence, name and format of book(s) you want.

We will reply you immediately.

Online transfer is allowed.

Please always check this page before making payment.

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  1. Subscribed yesterday yt to receive a response... Ayo

  2. How will a book with many parts be sold? For example The Village Girl part 1 and 2. As 1 book or 2?

  3. I have bought and read Ola The Tale of a young moon maiden, The village girl 1&2 and Grace Abounds, I could not drop my phone till I finished 4 of them the moment I started. Finally finished at 3:55am and I must say all the characters were alive in my room. Nice work Dan. You are indeed prolific writer. Keep up the good work.

  4. ** You are indeed a Prolific writer. My bad!

    1. Thanks for the praise, Lisa.
      DNB appreciates.

  5. If I do mobile payment. how do i get payment evidence?

    1. We always usually receive an alert for every mobile transfer. Just mention the same name as the sender and payment is confirmed.

  6. Dan you are too good! Wish there are more stories to buy

    1. Thank you, Anonymous. Always check our blog. New stories happen on DNB every day.

  7. So there are no free books right?

  8. Awoyemi Oluwaseun14 January 2016 at 10:53

    I sent you and email two days ago, yet you haven't reply.

    1. We actually did.

      Please check your inbox.


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