Friday, July 28


Meeting Google CEO in Nigeria

by Zeus

1. When Ikeja boys hear Google CEO is coming to Computer Village

Hian? For what now? Make I kuku hide this my China SanSong Android phones before they come arrest me.


2. Nigerian runs girls:

Mtcheew. Mike abi Mark Nsukkabag wey come before wetin he bring come?


3. Nigerian bloggers:

After blocking my AdSense account, he better no allow me see him face for my area o!


4. Nigerian wives:

Is it too late to start looking for another husband now?


5. Oshodi boys:

Buy your original Google T-shirt here.


6. Nigerian celebrities:

Oh no! Not again!


7. Nigerian politicians:

N50 million was spent to entertain Google CEO at Tantalizers Iyana-Ipaja.


8. Nollywood:

The Surprise Visit Season 2, Part 1-8


My humble self and the entire DNB Team welcome Boss Pichai to the land of giants!

Click HERE for Mark Zuckerberg's visit to Nigeria.

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