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On My Wedding Day

by Amala

The biggest example of corruption is a wedding ceremony where people will spray you and your spouse only 200 naira and still eat rice and chicken and drink wine which sum up to over N1500...


African schools and their strict hair rules

by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani

As I followed the recent protests at a South African girls' school where students insisted on being allowed to wear afro hairdos to school, I recalled my own days as a student in what used to be one of Nigeria's most prestigious boarding schools for girls.

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Roommates 5: Episode 1

Revelations - 1


Previously on Roommates!!!  

Georgina’s mother came.

Josh reappeared.

Agnes attacked.

Philomena didn’t make it.

Loveth found a new love.

Nwamgbeke might be alive.

Abuchi proposed.

Georgina wakes up!!!

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