Tuesday, May 24

Tuesday, May 17


Article: 11 Things Every African Businessperson Must Know!

Forget everything you hear in the news or read in foreign magazines, Africa is not a stretch of languishing land.

Yes, there is poverty, diseases, poor infrastructure, insecurity, fantastically corrupt leaders and the rest of them here, but before you pack those bags to run away, be sure that your flight is taking you all the way straight to heaven!

Monday, May 16


Roommates 4: Episode 4

Night Encounters—2

When she first felt something sliding into her silk shorts, Georgina did nothing.

In her semi-conscious state, she tried to be sure what sort of insect was creeping into her legs, if it was in a dream or in reality.

Wednesday, May 11

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Sunday, May 1


DNB April 2016 Personality: Angélique Kidjo!

In today's era of so much musical noise and saddening lack of talent, it is only necessary that we continue to celebrate those whose creativity and grace have not only shown us the limitlessness of what we truly can do but also leave us with a sweet, indelible mark.

Friday, April 29

Tuesday, April 26


Short Story: Monica!

by Chinedu Ewere

Cletus met Monica first on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

It was UNIZIK rag day that day and all first-year students have stormed the main market at Ochanja in their rags and begging tins.

Wednesday, April 20


Joke: A Woman's Tears

by Zeus

Don’t ever make a woman cry!

There is nothing more expensive than a woman’s tears.

When a single drop of tear comes out, it first mixes with L’Oreal Eyeliner—N7, 500 and then Revlon Mascara—N8, 500.

Friday, April 15


Quarter of a Blue Moon - 4


He was outside till 2 a.m., just watching the moon. It was near half of the month and the night was blessed by a bright gibbous.

Even at 31, he still could not fully explain his fascination with the moon.

Wednesday, April 13


Flash Story: So Tired!

by Lola T.

Kpo!-kpo!-kpo!—the knocks on the door persisted.

On the bed, I scratched through my hair and groaned again.

‘Why are you always in your room alone?’ my mother asked when I finally opened the door for her.

Saturday, April 9

Monday, April 4


Roommates 4: Episode 2

 A Girl’s Mystery

This would be the third time Georgina would wake up in the middle of the night with her eyes wetted by tears.

But this time her tears were different.

The dream was different too.

Wednesday, March 30


Quarter of a Blue Moon - 3


The bike man stopped just at the front of the gate.

It was ajar. Near it, blue Tiger generators safely locked inside metal compartments lined up the wall. A few of them was working, emitting grey smoke and vibratory noise.

Saturday, March 26

Friday, March 25

Wednesday, March 23


Flash Story: Scholastica's Pain!

by Gloria Ezeh


‘Sister Charity!’

‘Sister Charity!!’


I turned back with great force to the yelling of my name.

‘Chinwe? What is it?’ I asked. ‘Why are you screaming my name like that, what is the matter?’

Tuesday, March 22


Sponsored: What Is Classifieds Ads?


For many people online shopping still remains something incomprehensible and convoluted. Some are worried to be fooled or are afraid of frauds. The others claim that they prefer to see and touch everything before buying. But it doesn’t matter what is your excuse. In the end, it is just an excuse. And we can say for sure that you just haven’t heard about Jiji.ng

Monday, March 21


Short Story: Once Upon A Journey!

It was just as she described.

They got to the junction of three roads and followed left.

Oye-Nta market, as usual, boomed with women. It was a market for women, after all. You see majorly wares like cocoyam, wrapper heads, beads, peppers and silver dust.

Friday, March 18


Quarter of a Blue Moon - 2


Bariga was messy.

As she walked down the busy and noisy roadside market, some minutes after the tricycle she boarded stopped, Amaka had concluded in her mind that she was going to slap Phillip, twice or thrice, for all the trouble he’d put her through over the years.

Thursday, March 10


Short Story: The Bamboo Spirit

by Daniel Nkado

The onset of rainy season is usually my best part of the year.

The rains bring a refreshing scent to the air. The baked soil is softened and soon starts to green over.

Everything appears to flourish in the rain. Goats, sheep and chickens become fat once again… and so also is grandma.

Thursday, February 25


Short Story: The Little Miserable Life of Gladys

by Daniel Nkado

There was a time, in the eighties or nineties, or so, that Gladys Nkwocha was a pretty woman.

She knew luxury like no other woman in Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city.

Even amidst the instability and political noise that rocked the country front and back at that time, she flourished.

Monday, February 22


How You Can Help Your DNB!

by Gloria Ezeh

A lot of people have contacted us seeking answers to a lot of questions.

First, we'd like you all to know that we deeply appreciate your concern.

As the honest person I am and will always be, I will tell you guys the truth and nothing but the truth.