Thursday, January 18


Was London model Harry Uzoka murdered by his friend?

by Staff writer

Two men have been accused of fatally stabbing London model Harry Uzoka.

George Koh, 24, and Jonathan Okigbo, 23, were charged with murder of 25-year-old Harry Uzoka in Shepherd's Bush last Thursday, Scotland Yard said in a statement.

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Inside America's Messiest Divorce - When Elon Musk's wife bared it all

by Justine Musk

The first wife of South African-born American business magnate, Elon Musk, was a Canadian author named Justine Wilson.

Together, they had five kids through the process of in vitro- fertilization (process using scientific labs to create babies).

Saturday, January 13


We don't want to come to your 'shithole' country, Norwegians reply Trump

by Staff writer

Norwegians have expressed solidarity with Haiti and several other African nations maligned by President Donald Trump by saying they do not want to go to the US, describing it with just the same words the president is alleged to have used.

Friday, January 12


Why allow people from "shithole countries", Donald Trump asks

by Staff writer

In bluntly vulgar language, U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday questioned why the United States would want to have immigrants from Haiti and "shithole countries" in Africa rather than places like Norway, according to two sources briefed on the Oval Office conversation.

Thursday, January 11


I wish I never had my SON!

by Captain Jay

This Saturday, my son will have been sober for 18 months.

He got his GED (General Education Diploma, a set of tests that when passed certify the test taker (American or Canadian) has met high-school level academic skills) this year, and he starts at Community College at the end of August.

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Short Story: London Goods

by Nduka Dike

Nedu was stunned when he entered his room, it was sparkling clean.

For some reason Hillary, his roommate, had scrubbed and completely refurbished the room. The TV, its stand and the bulky DVD player had all been rendered dustless.

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'I have no advice for Lady Gaga,' Céline Dion says

by Staff writer

Lady Gaga begins her two-year Vegas residency at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in December, but when news broke that Lady Gaga would be heading to Sin City for the two-year concert series, one would imagine that Vegas queen mother Céline Dion would be the perfect person to turn to for advice.