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Roommates 5: Episode 3

The Confrontation

All through the night, Georgina remained awake, planning.

Mr Iyke has gone to work in the morning leaving her and Gloria alone in the house when the confrontation finally happened.

Thursday, January 12


5 top reasons men cheat

by Choice

Both men and women cheat.

But many have argued that men are more likely to cheat in their relationships. This impression they attribute to so many factors.

Personally, I know men cheat because of these 5 main reasons:

Tuesday, January 10


King Leopold's letter and the true purpose of Christian missionaries to Africa

by Staff writer

At the end of the 19th century, the Europeans scrambled for control of Africa.

But of all the awful crimes they committed, Belgium's King Leopold II left arguably the largest and most horrid legacy of all.

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