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Roommates 4: Episode 6

The Meeting –2

He threw away his cigarette, stepped on it with his shoe and made his way towards her.

Now in her front, he slotted both hands into the pockets of his trousers and pushed out his lower half a little.

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Roommates 4: Episode 5

The Meeting—1

‘April, borrow me the money na,’ Loveth said again.

‘I already told you I don’t have!’ April shouted.

‘How can you say you don’t have when your mother is a professor?’

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Short Story: The Magician!

by Nnenna Okolo


Ever since I turned 14, nothing has remained as it previously were for me.

A few years back I cared less about what I had on whenever I am outside.

I played swell with the boys topless, shouted and roared in a very high voice just like them.

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Article: 11 Things Every African Businessperson Must Know!

Forget everything you hear in the news or read in foreign magazines, Africa is not a stretch of languishing land.

Yes, there is poverty, poor infrastructure, insecurity, fantastically corrupt leaders and the rest of them here, but before you pack those bags to run away, be sure that your flight is taking you all the way straight to heaven!

Monday, May 16


Roommates 4: Episode 4

Night Encounters—2


When she first felt something sliding into her silk shorts, Georgina did nothing.

In her semi-conscious state, she tried to be sure what sort of insect was creeping into her legs, if it was in a dream or in reality.

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DNB April 2016 Personality: Angélique Kidjo!

In today's era of so much musical noise and saddening lack of talent, it is only necessary that we continue to celebrate those whose creativity and grace have not only shown us the limitlessness of what we truly can do but also leave us with a sweet, indelible mark.