Thursday, August 25


How to be sure your comment always shows on DNB!!!

Many times people complain about not seeing their comments.

This is mostly not our fault. Most comments made as Anonymous go straight into the spam folder.

And we can't just mark all comments in the spam folder as Not Spam because doing this will fill all posts with a lot of pointless comments.

We rather always clear all spam and suspected spam messages.

To ensure your comments does not get into the Spam Folder, please follow any of these 3 steps:

1. Always comment with a name

2. Use a Google Account to comment [This option works best because your comments will hardly enter the spam folder]

3. Repeat your comment if you are not sure the previous comment went successfully.

Thanks all and remember you can always contact us to complain about any issue you encounter while using DNB Stories.


Feel free to always express your opinion, but do not abuse others.