Monday, June 20


Why You Should Read Ola Now!

by Victor Uma

Ola – The Tale of a Young Moon Maiden by Daniel Nkado is not just an ordinary DNB Chapter Story.

It is EPIC.

It's superb.

Nothing you’ve ever seen before!

These are the main reasons you should order Ola now and read:

  • It is a really long story

Many that have bought Ola never finished it in a month!

Or did anything else in between…

Ever finished reading a particular book and yet keep mentioning the names of the characters even for months afterwards?

You are not alone, we understand. 

  • Awesome reviews

Just have a look!

Buy Ola on DNB Store now or from Okadabooks App!


  1. It kept me awake till the end. Its a must read.

  2. How can i get it with my infinix hot?

    1. Your infinix is a smartphone sir.
      Just pay for the book and it will be sent 2 you immediately.
      Or alternatively you can download Okadabooks App and buy the book from there.
      Check this PAGE

  3. I have read Ola, from end to end; dont wait to be told. Gaan read it


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