Thursday, July 19


What to expect in Episode 5 of Gbagada Wives!!!

by Gloria Ezeh

So we saw Episode 4 of Gbagada Wives last week and it left us all burning in suspense.

Will Angel finally catch her husband?

What is she going to do when she discovers that the person Segun has been cheating on her with is not even a woman but a man?!

What a twist!

I'm sure we all can't wait for Episode 5!!!

And as you know, for those of us already familiar with DNB Stories, there is always something particular about the 5th episode of any of our stories!!!

And, believe me, that has not changed!

So be sure to be here on Saturday and be the first to digest Episode 5 of Gbagada Wives!!!


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  1. Reading dnb stories has been fun...I still miss roommates though

  2. Enter your's awesome reading dbn stories, though i do not comment often

  3. It is just tomorrow. Am keeping my fingers crossed.
    Visiting this blog is a blessing.with great stories,warm,nice, intelligent writers. Most esp. Mama glo and Daniel. The blog is worth visiting everyday.

  4. Ur imagination is out of this world. U r one hell of a story teller. Keep up d good work guys

  5. I really enjoy your stories, it helps me escape reality. Pls don't stop


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