Thursday, August 18


Why Nwamgbeke had to die!

Ever wondered why DNB would kill off such a palatable character as Nwamgbeke?

Daniel has this to say:

"She was clashing with Georgina, even nearly overshadowing her. They are twin and with a lot in common; her staying would have caused a kind of alliance I do not want."

So sorry on that to all fans of Nwamgbeke.

On a lighter note, DNB is hinting that we may not have seen the last of her yet.

This is DNB Stories -- anything is possible!!!


  1. you want to resurrect her??????/

  2. You better not tell us that they mistakenly burried the wrong copse!
    Let Geo continuuuuu wia she [Ngbeke] stoped!

  3. Hmmmmm! After d heartbreak, u are now telling us why she had to die? That's not good enough.

  4. Daniel u have the power to kill and resurrect so do whatever you like with Gbeke


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