Wednesday, August 17


I Just Love Loveth - Fan Gushes

So we received this from a DNB fan:

"I just love Loveth so much. I see a lot of myself in her. Please let nothing happen to Loveth. Please, DNB people, please, I beg you!!!"


This won't be the first time we'll be receiving an emotional message about Loveth in the popular DNB Series -- Roommates.

Well, right now we cannot tell yet which #Roommate will be going, until Daniel approves the final episode of Roommates 4 for posting.

Till then you can still save your favorite roommate HERE!


  1. Danny all the roomates are in your palm,you can squese of life out of anyone you feel like.
    Our voting or sugestion is not changing anything!

  2. I love them all, just give us a nice story


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