Tuesday, January 20


Making Comments on DNB.

Your comments motivate us. Please don't deny us the feeling of having them.

Currently, DNB uses the default Blogger comment platform. It has 8 comment options.

Google Account : For those who own a Google Account or Gmail. Quickly get a  Gmail account here.

Live Journal : For those that have a
Live Journal account.

Wordpress: If you own a wordpress site, just enter your domain name and send your comment.

Type Pad : For those that have a Type Pad account.

AIM: For those that have an AIM email.

Open ID: Just type in the name of your website and you are good to go.

Name/URL: This is quite easy. Write your name and then your website. You can use your Facebook or Twitter profile address.

Anonymous: We discourage people from commenting on DNB Stories as Anonymous.

You can see the platform is quite flexible with several options you can choose. 

Thanks and if you still have any issue, don't hesitate to drop your complaints here.

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DNB Stories is all about serving you better.