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How much it costs to get braces in Nigeria

by Staff writer

Braces are dental devices used to correct poorly aligned teeth. You'd probably need braces if you have teeth that are too crowded, gappy or protruding in a bad way.

Getting braces will help improve your smile and boost your confidence level. But they do not come cheap.

The exact amount you pay will probably depend on:

1. The facility handling the treatment

2. The severity of your condition

and lastly,

3. The type of braces you want.

Metallic braces are usually cheaper but they are more visible and could cause more discomfort.

Ceramic braces are less visible and sometimes are made to mimic the color of teeth, thereby making them less noticeable.

Some also claim they (ceramic braces) produce faster results. However, they are more expensive and could easily become stained.

Lingual braces are completely invisible from the exterior because they are placed at the back of the teeth. This would make a lot of people want to go for them -- only that they are expensive, difficult to clean and usually not recommended for severe cases.

Another group are the plastic braces, also known as clear aligners. Plastic braces like ClearCorrect and Invisalign are virtually invisible when fixed but they are quite expensive to get.

Where can one get braces in Nigeria at an affordable price?

It could cost between 100 - 150K to get full dental treatment (including teeth whitening and braces) in a public clinic in Nigeria.

Most teaching hospitals in Nigeria (including LUTH and UCH) offer this treatment.

Expect to pay higher in private establishments, usually between 300K to 500K.

Again, the exact amount you pay depends on those 3 points already above listed.


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