Saturday, October 27


Google honours Stella Adadevoh today

by Staff writer

Today's Google Doodle honors late Nigerian doctor, Stella Adadevoh.

Dr Stella Ameyo Adadevoh was a Nigerian physician best known for her brave act and sacrifice in curbing a wider spread of the Ebola virus in Nigeria.

By placing the patient zero, Patrick Sawyer, in quarantine despite pressures from the Liberian government, Adadevoh prevented the spread of the Ebola virus in Nigeria.

On 4 August 2014, it was confirmed that Adadevoh had tested positive for Ebola virus disease as a result of her encounter with Sawyer.

In the afternoon of 19 August 2014, Adadevoh died a national hero.

The 2016 Nigerian docudrama film '93 Days' was dedicated to her.


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