Sunday, June 10


Rapper Lil Kim goes broke, files for bankruptcy and selling her house

by Staff writer

It appears times have become a lil' rough for American platinum-selling rapper Lil Kim.

Just days before a bank foreclosed on her 6,000-square-foot gated mansion in early May, the 43-year-old rapper has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in a New Jersey court.

Not only does the rap queen owe more than $1.47 million unpaid taxes, but, according to New York Daily News, Kim (born Kimberly Jones), also owes more $4 million in debts, including an additional $664,474 in late mortgage payments for the $2.3 million house which she bought in 2002.

In court documents, Kim revealed her income has dropped substantially in the last few years—from $823,659 in 2016 to $398,000 last year.

Kim now lists $18,286 as her monthly income (from which about $12,784 go to expenses).

As a result, the home the rapper shares with her three-year-old daughter is going up for auction on June 29.


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