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Three schoolboys found suicidal man about to jump off a bridge - and did the UNIMAGINABLE

by Staff writer

Three boys were coming home from school when they found themselves in the middle of a harrowing situation.

A deeply troubled man was sitting on the edge of an overpass with a rope around his neck about to take his own life.

Devonte Cafferkey, 13, Sammy Farah, 14, and Shawn Young, just 12 at the time, didn't panic.

It would later be the incredible quick-thinking and courageous ability of the boys, who go to St Mary’s High School in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, that saved the man's life.

Immediately grabbing the suicidal man, they tried to keep him back from the edge of the bridge.

Even as he struggled to jump, the boys held onto him and refused to let go.

Shawn, the youngest of the boys then calmly rang for help.

Two other passers-by came to the boys' aid and the man was eventually rescued.

The three children (plus the two other people that helped them save the man's life) are now to be recognized nationally for their bravery that fateful day of September.

All five will receive awards from the Royal Humane Society, a charity promoting life-saving intervention.

Shawn's mum, Carol, says she is immensely proud of the boys' behaviour.

She said: "I am extremely proud of all three of them, they are all good boys and it’s nice that they are getting recognised for doing something good in the community."

"It’s amazing to get this award, it’s obviously under sad circumstances but it’s also great that the kids are getting something for what they did," Devonte's mum, Jacqueline Cafferkey, said.

"I am really pleased for them and I hope other children can see it’s worth stopping to help someone."


Credit: The Mirror


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