Saturday, February 3


"No one is going to believe me!" - Woman who saw Beyoncé responds to viral photo

by Miz Tee

Beyoncé must be used to seeing people freak out in her presence by now, however it's still fun for the rest of us to get a glimpse of her impact on staunch fans.

One woman, Susan Monaghan from Boston, went viral over Grammys weekend when her priceless reaction to a chance encounter was captured and shared with millions on Beyoncé's Instagram.

Susan Monaghan (right) during her encounter with JAY-Z and Beyoncé.

The picture soon went viral and Monaghan has been chatting with the press about her moment in the spotlight.

“I think it’s hysterical,” she told the Boston Globe. “Strange things happen to me.”

Monaghan explained that she was in New York with her family last weekend for a birthday party for her daughter and to attend her granddaughter’s gymnastics competition. She was staying in the Sheraton New York Times Square hotel when she ran into BeyoncĂ© and JAY-Z.

“I’m thinking in my mind, ‘Who is this?’ And I looked at him and he looked tall, and thin, and had curly hair, and was really good-looking,” she said of the hotel run-in.

Then she spotted BeyoncĂ©. “I was like ‘Oh, my God!’” Monaghan said. “I looked at her and all I could think was, ‘No one is going to believe me. No one is going to believe me.’”

Asked why she thinks BeyoncĂ© shared the picture on Instagram, Monaghan had this response: “I think she posted it for me,” she said.

“So people would believe me.”


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