Saturday, January 20


I died and found my purpose in LIFE

by Mrs Kaur

In 2006, I had a massive stroke.

My husband called 911, but by the time they got there I was dead.

They did everything possible to revive me, but I just lay there a corpse. They were ready to call in my time of death, but my husband insisted that they try again.

They did and they finally got a heartbeat. (You knew they would. After all, I’m writing this at my computer, right?)

I was rushed to the hospital, sirens blaring. I wasn’t conscious at the time, but others have described it to me.

While the medical people were trying to save my life, I was in a beautiful, wonderful place with trees and rivers and lakes and flowers and friendly bears and very nice people.

Not my family, though. It might have been heaven, but I didn’t see any cities with streets of gold, nor any United States Marines to guard them.

No angels with harps flying around. I could give a full description, but that is not what this story is about, so I'll move on.

It was wonderful and I made myself comfortable when I was told, “Don’t get too comfortable. You have to go back. Your work isn’t done.”

I really didn’t want to back. I was totally unwilling.

I was told that, of course, I didn't want to go back, but I was needed on earth and I had to go back.

No one would force me, but eventually I would agree to return. I did and here I am, sitting at my computer at 5:53 AM, when I should be sleeping.

As I was returning to the earth and my nearly useless body, I called out, “Hey, what is my work that I’m supposed to finish?”

The answer-was just one word. “Sewa.”

In my language, that means selfless service of whatever kind is needed and I am capable of doing.

My purpose in living is to do sewa with great enthusiasm until I’ve done enough to go back.

I by no means do not suggest that you flat-line and be revived.

And suicide is futile either. If your work isn’t done, you’ll just get sent back without the memories of where you’ve been or why you’re here.

If you're wondering what to do to make your life meaningful, I have nothing more to say.

You'll have to find it on your own.


Kaur is a senior friendly anarchist who's been through wars and all.


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