Friday, October 13


32 names no longer used by Nigerians

by Miz Tee

It is not just physical things that get old and phase out. Names too suffer a similar fate.

Here are 32 names that used to be popular among Nigerians but not any more:

1. Apollonia

2. Dorothy

3. Scholastica

4. Douglas

5. Augustine

6. Augustina

7. Elijah

8. Noah

9. Julius

10. Samson

12. Abel

13. Louis

14. Louisa

15. Sandra

16. Theresa

17. Edna

18. Philomena

19. Eugene

20. Edith

21. Gerald

22. Maurice

23. Leonard

24. Paul

25. Paulina

26. Callista

27. Adam

28. Habbakuk

29. Dorcas

30. Abraham

31. Jemimah

32. Rebecca



While it appears these names are getting unpopular, names like:

a. Daniel

b. Francis

c. Stanley

d. Benjamin

e. Mary

f. Abigail

g. Naomi

h. Austin

i. Andy

j. Frank

k. Stephen

l. Chris

m. Kinsley

n. Richard

o. Joy

p. Rachel, etc.

-- has remained relatively evergreen.


What do you think?

What other names do you think has become unpopular among Nigerians?


  1. Your way of describing the whole thing in this article
    is in fact pleasant, every one can without difficulty understand it, Thanks a lot.

  2. Correct but Sandra is still currently used


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