Thursday, February 16


This is what the new Nokia 3310 looks like...

by Staff writer

Reports of a Nokia 3310 relaunch have sent the internet into a frenzy.

Nokia 3310 is undoubtedly a cultural icon of the early noughties.

Its rugged looks, tough-as-nails chassis, and pocket-friendly design helped propel Nokia’s most famous phone to global success.

And oh, the fact that it ran the Snake video game probably helped too.

To date, more than 126 million Nokia 3310 handsets have been sold worldwide since its 2000 launch, so it’s no surprise the buzz the relaunch of the device is creating.

This is what the new Nokia 3310 looks like:


Image Credit: IT City

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  1. The back looks better than the front view.
    Anyways, am waiting for it!


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