Wednesday, October 5


Why you have not been seeing new updates of stories on DNB

There are a lot of vultures among us.

They lurk and stalk, waiting for an update to drop and they'd pounce, steal it and fly away.

They do not bother to give credit to the person whose night was denied, the people who crack their heads open to create their sweet meal.

Nor the site, their perfect feeding ground.

All they ever wanted is to feed.

They are the worst form of parasites because they do not care if their host survived or not.

They are what they are -- Walking VULTURES



  1. Its a normal thing but its not good.
    Only Dull bloggers do that.
    They will bookmark 100 sites and visit them daily looking for what?
    For fresh meals to feed on.
    They no sabi cook.
    Their brain dull.

  2. But i believe it wont stop you from keeping it alive.
    Ride on.
    Lead...let them follow.
    Na naija we dey

  3. Nawao. Whoever this nelson is na evil. Ordinary to put the name of the writer he didn't even do

  4. This Nelson should be jailed! He deserve jail. Stupid

  5. I hate copy n paste bloggers with passion. Tufia. Even if you must copy someone's work, add the person's name and a link to his site SIMPLE

  6. The thunder wey go strike all evil vultures dey do press up for them backyard. Foolish people

  7. That evil.....just too evil!

  8. Nawa o,that is intellectual theft nd such person should not go unpunished!

  9. To even think one can be this heartless is unimaginable.

  10. Mhmmmm I remember, I once saw one of the stories I wrote in another blog. I was surprised though.

  11. Very wrong. Put up the link let's report them. It's wrong.


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