Wednesday, September 28


5 easy ways to know a Nigerian girl really likes you?

by Victor


5 ways to know a Nigerian girl really likes you:

1. She smiles and smiles when you are talking.
And then stops only to ask you: "What did you just say?"

2. She pretends she is never interested in your gist. Even when her friends bring up your matter, she would enter inside.

3. She avoids you. Call her and she won't pick your call. Text her and she will be reading the message one word per day for 3 months. Ask to see her and you will get old waiting.

4. She doesn't ask you for things. You will be the one begging her to drink her Maltina. "Baby drink your drink na..."

5. She will stalk you.
On Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. She will hide and lurk, seeing everything you do, but never to be seen.


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