Saturday, August 13


Save Your Favorite Roommate Now!


Sadly, we regret to announce that one of the roommates won't make it through to Season 5!

Following the last episode of #Roommates, only Georgina is currently safe.

April, Loveth and Philomena are all in grave danger.

But for the first time in the history of #DNBRoommates, we are trusting the life of your favorite #Roommate to your hands now.

Only you can save your favorite girl.

Who will it be?




You can only save one girl and your time starts now.

Let the comments begin!


  1. April please be safe #teamapril

  2. Replies
    1. I thought you already said that she closed her eyes in death. Please leave April and Loveth

  3. Philomena can go! (she has kuku died in the episode!) leave April and Loveth for us.

  4. Let Philomena go... I choose to save April & Loveth.

  5. If Philo is the one going DNB will kill her with no fuss, its either April or Loveth. I refuse to release either of them. Sobs.


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