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Sponsored Post: How to Buy a Window

Your life depends much on your window to the world.

No, we don’t want to sound like philosophers. But windows in your house are, literally, a significant element.

It is important to install those that save enough heat, let enough air in and are easy to clean.

The way windows in your house look can influence your mood and your perception of the outer world. Yes, a spacious windowsill can make you a much happier person!

Types of Windows

It’s not difficult to guess that different types of windows have different opening areas, which can vary in relation to individual needs or design solutions.

Windows types are developing all the time. Nowadays, we already have a rich selection for everyone’s taste, and it continues growing.

So what are the most common window types?

· Double hung windows open vertically and are very common.

· Horizontal sliding windows open horizontally.

· Bifold windows consist of several panels, which fold onto themselves.

· Louvre windows can be opened by handle or remote control.

· Skylights and roof lanterns make every room very light, allowing a lot of sunshine into the room.

· Casement windows open outward and are a good solution for ventilation.

· Awning windows also open outward, are hinged at the top and come in a variety of designs.

· Clerestory windows are those narrow windows at the top of the building.

· Light sleeves are installed outside and reflect sunlight into the house.

· Transoms and fanlights are small decorative windows above front doors, which provide additional lightning and ventilation.

Window Materials

Regardless of design, most of windows are available in several materials, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the most common kinds of finishing.

1. Wood

It is a classic, even better to say a traditional solution. Wood is still popular thanks to its durability and diversity. Natural wood is better-looking and more efficient in any house. But it also means they are also more expensive.

2. Vinyl

It provides excellent insulation (both heat and sound), is available in different colors and guarantees easy maintenance.

3. Aluminium

This frame offers strength and a lot more light. Thin construction leaves more room for glass and sunshine. But there is one disadvantage: Aluminium (as well as other metals used as frames) tends to heat up very fast, and this affects its insulating features.

4. Fiberglass

Stable and with air cavities, they are the closest to perfect in terms of insulation properties and performance.

Window Glass

Window glazing influences energy efficiency, so it is one of the main points to consider when you decide to buy a new window.

a. Gas fills uses technology, which seals inert gas in space between the panes. Argon or krypton, which are used most often, are known for high heat resistance.

b. Heat-absorbing glass has special tints, which change the glass color. They reduce solar heat gain and glare, but don’t lower UV-level.

c. Insulated window glazing is distinctive with its insulating ability. It is provided by combination of several panes of glass with some air space in between.

d. Low-emissivity coating controls heat transfer, lowers U-factor, and lasts for years. But, as you can guess, it is not a cheap solution.

e. Reflective coating is distinctive by various colors and is composed of thin metallic layer. This is a good solution for hot climate, where controlling solar heat gain comes close to surviving.

f. Spectrally selective coating is a smart version—they can gain more or less heat depending on the situation, according to the desired effect.

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