Friday, August 19


Do You Need To Move To America To Become A Famous Writer?

by Daniel Nkado


Probably yes!

We are currently living in a country where things from abroad will always be thought as better than the things we have.

So if you want the awards and hype, you may want to get up there, pack your bags and move to the country where how successful you become as a writer depends largely on your connection and the kind of people you mingle with, than your actual talent.

But you still will not force people to buy that book of yours though -- that decision, they will have to make on their own.

God knows I will rather read a book that I have better chances of finding myself in than some high fashion story with characters I keep struggling to follow.

Good luck!

...hope I have answered your question, my anonymous friend.


  1. Do i realy read books produced in America?
    The last i read was the famous books of James Hardley Chase!

  2. Yea! James Hardley Chase. Crime and cops very interesting.

  3. I am a voracious reader, I read anything in print even the torn paper used to wrap my akara at Oye Neni. I however love books I can relate with most.

  4. Oye be anyi!!!!!!!!!!!


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