Sunday, November 15


Life Story: On the Road to Church Today

by Hilary

I haven't been to church in a long while and sincerely I am not keen on church lately because I have some doubt.

Today I decided to go to Winners Chapel (Living Faith) Ota.

There was a free bus and I wasn't doing anything meaningful at home so I set out.

I stood at my bus stop and joined the bus.

We passed through the bad Aiyetoro Road and our bus broke down.

The back tyre fell and needed to be changed.

Everybody got down from the bus for the tyre to be fixed except one pretty girl by the window.

I was mad and angry.

What is wrong with all these girls, I mused, angered.

I wasn't a church person, but this was clearly silly and senseless.

I started nagging and complaining to her face, but then everybody kept quiet.

I told myself I will confront her when we come down from the bus.

If everybody is afraid of her I wasn't. All these girls who think they are too fine… nonsense!

When we got to church, I patiently waited for her to come down.

What I saw shocked me.

She was assisted down. She was paralyzed from the waist down.

Oops, I didn’t know.

How could I have missed that?

God!!! I felt so terrible.

I still feel terrible right now. I met her and apologized.

Again and again I apologized, but I still feel it wasn't enough.

The bishop preached himself today, but I didn't get much from all he said.

I learnt a bigger life lesson: love all and be slow to judge anyone or any situation.


  1. wow! i feel pity 4 u.dats y its nt gud 2 jump 2 conclusions

  2. Slow to judge am still in the process of learning that, since I realized that things aren't always the way they seem.

  3. Yea, its good not to judge hastly. Its good a lesson is learnt.

  4. Neva Judge a book by its Cover...Lesson learnt.

  5. Great lesson indeed. never put the cart before horse

  6. Oh God! That's so terrible, but u av to forgive urself. It's well.

  7. Eyah! Stop feeling so sad, at least you apologized. It is well.

  8. Hmmn, food for thot...dont be hasty in judging others, the situation may not be as it looks.

  9. There is a whole lot of lesson in this story!

  10. D day u decided to go to church nw, na another tin u go curse for urself. Mouth may dey lick. Even though her leg complete wetin concern u. If u lik her toast her or comot eye .

    Being reading ur blog since I was 2

  11. Ehya, let's always be slow to anger


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