Thursday, August 30


10 things women can do but men can't

by Staff writer

Most feminists like to believe that the life of a man is so rosy and worry-free that they have coined the term 'male privilege' to buttress all their ideas.

But the truth is in reality, being either a man or a woman has got its pros and cons and that no one can say outright that one gender is the supreme.

Here are some things women can easily do that men can't:

1. A woman can cry and not be judged

Most women can easily gain sympathy just by crying -- in fact there is a saying that a woman's tear is so expensive it can buy a whole town. A crying man is called a coward and instead of drawing sympathy will only attract him shame.

2. A woman can easily touch a man without his consent

Even if they really wanted to, you will never see a man complaining that a woman had touched him inappropriately -- unless he wants to be laughed at! Reverse the situation and things will get completely messy!

3. A woman can accuse a man of rape
In Nigeria, and most parts of the world, rape is only taken seriously if a woman is the victim. Nobody wants to listen or ever believe that a woman is capable of raping a man.

4. A woman can throw the first punch without expecting one back

The easiest way to lose your respect as a man is get into a fight with a woman. Because of this, most men will rather swallow all provocation than fight a woman back.

5. A woman can openly say she is weak

Men are conditioned to be hard-boiled robots who never gets tired. It is no coincidence that you see most men killing themselves with work because they cannot easily admit they are weak.

6. A woman can openly admit fear

Even if a man is afraid, he is wired never to show it.

7. A woman can easily get help from anybody

Female beggars make more money than their male counterparts. Are men even allowed to beg? A woman can ask a man to give them their seat in public transport but not the other way round. Women are expected to be taken care of while a man must work hard for everything he wants.

8. Women get jobs easier than men

For most job positions, the bar of aptitude is lowered for women. A woman can easily be chosen for a job over a better-qualified man merely because she is a woman.

9. Women are easily believed than men

It is easier to trust a woman than a man because they are perceived to be more honest. During a fight, the woman's version of the story is easily believed over the man's. A woman can make the crowd beat an innocent man if she wants.

10. A woman can dress sexy and only be admired

Imagine a man wearing any of the types of revealing clothes most women wear...


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