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'Feed Me to the Wolves' - Atheists say how they wish to be BURIED

by Staff writer

Following the death of world-famous scientist, Stephen Hawking, who was also an atheist, popular atheist page, Atheist Republic, asked its group of atheists and agnostics how they'd like their remains be handled after they die.

The concept of death has always been an interesting topic for atheists and skeptics.

For one, it is known that atheists, unlike religious people, do not hold that much fear for death.

Because atheists do not believe in the existence of an afterlife, the group sees death as something that can be pleasantly relaxing.

By accepting that life is only for a finite period, short or long, the atheist is confronted by the matter of how best to spend the available time and therefore will most likely choose to make the most of it.

Here are some of the interesting answers on how atheists wish to be buried:

Kevin Hosford says:

"I'm torn between donating my body to science and natural burial. Just put me in the ground, no embalming or anything, in a simple biodegradable shroud and let the worms eat me, let the plants use me as fertilizer, and let nature be nature!"

Sophie Kay says:

"I just signed today to donate all my usable organs and tissues for transplant, and to send the rest of my remains to scientific research and medical education. Whatever's leftover, if anything, should be cremated."

Rick Larabie says:

"I'm donating all my organs except my eyes. Then give me a natural burial, because it's the most environmentally friendly and it saves my loved ones from having to pay for a casket."

John Melino says:

"Organs are to be donated to transplant recipients, the rest is to be donated to science; anything left is to be mulched or composted, and used for fertilizer for a food crop."

Kortney Spurgeon says:

"Donate whatever viable organs, then it's up to my closest living relative what happens to the rest of me. I'm dead so I don't give a fuck, whatever makes it easier on my family."

Joel Cheek says:

"I would like to be turned into a diamond or other jewel and placed on the hilt of a ceremonial dagger. I would also like this to become a family tradition."

Krista Gibson says:

"Throw me in the woods and let the animals have me or let me decompose back into the earth, I'd prefer that than to just lay in a box."

Simona Klijewicz says:

"Cheapest most ecological way possible. Feed me to the polar bears of that would save them from going extinct!"

Melanie Cee says:

"My organs are shit. My whole body is shit. Feed my carcass to the wolves. They’ll have a better time with it!"


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