Thursday, March 22


"Arsenal To Play Without Dicks" is FALSE

by Staff writer

The meme below telling a story of one Arsenal player named David Dicks has been circulating round the web since the early 2000s:

However funny the meme is though, it probably isn't TRUE.

First, no info about a David Dicks known to have played for Arsenal exists anywhere.

The only David Dicks we could find out about is 39-year-old Australian sailor who became the youngest person to sail non-stop and solo around the world.

Another David Dick who was an Australian rules footballer never played for Arsenal before his death in 1982 (the funny event in the meme is said to have occurred in the 90s).

Also, in some other memes with just the same story, "David Dicks" is replaced by "Newton Dicks", who again could not be confirmed as an Arsenal football player.

So the meme story, like many of its kind, is certainly false news.


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