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Three people, Three situations...Three STORIES!

by Staff writer

Three people, Three situations...Three STORIES!

1. How I found out my parents are POOR

by Omer

I was 7 years old.

We were living in the United States.

My parents are both immigrants from Mexico (though US citizens now).

I went to a Catholic school (paid for by grandma) and one day, the teacher asked us to bring in a canned good to make food baskets for the poor.

Imagine my shock when that food basket was delivered to my door!

We lived in a government housing at that time and because half of the students in my class also lived in the same apartments I just thought it was normal not to have too much money.

But I didn't realize we were POOR.

2. Breakup is the UGLIEST thing in the world

by Joseph

Breakup is the ugliest thing ever.

I was on my way to pick my little cousin from school when my girlfriend sent me a message on Whatsapp, telling me she is breaking up with me.

I came back home with the wrong kid.

3. Something More Than Beauty!

by Tuesday Cross

This happened to me yesterday.

I stood quietly in the train station just past the barriers, waiting for my husband.

Suddenly, a very tall gentleman around my age approached me.

“I’m sorry to bother you," he said, stuttering a little, "I was just wondering, this look, your look, this outfit – is it a replication?”

He struggled to hold eye contact.

I blinked. “Sorry?”

“’m sorry, I’m not explaining myself properly. I’m a fashion student, and I think you look great, but I want to know if you saw this look somewhere, or if it is your own.”

“Oh! Well, thank you!" I said. "It’s my own I suppose, this outfit is my favorite.”

“Beauty is more than A-B-C you know, and that is what you are. More than A-B-C.”

I smiled.

And to think that just an hour before, I had turned to my husband in our hotel room and said to him that I wasn’t feeling any beautiful that day.

It was literally one of the sweetest things the universe has thrown my way.


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