Tuesday, November 28


Beyoncé released a Christmas sweatshirt but nobody is buying it

by Staff writer

Beyoncé just released a $55 Christmas jumper that has many left fans angry.

The black round-neck sweatshirt is fairly plain aside from the words “BeyoncĂ© Holiday Sweater” embroidered on the front in white, child-like, text.

Critics have taken to Twitter to mock the singer for the seemingly lacklustre design, with some comparing it to a “joke Tesco value” product.

“I’m dead surprised as I thought she was classier than this, but apparently not,” wrote one user.

“It’s a designer version of that joke Tesco Value one,” added another.

Some vexed fans suggested the singer simply did not spend enough time designing the jumpers.

“BeyoncĂ©, your collection is due in ten minutes and you forgot to do the Christmas jumper! Hang on…Give me a second…” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I am not willing to believe she put much effort in when designing them,” added another.

"No style, talent, imagination, flair...just a famous person and an attitude. But some twerp will buy it," said a fellow fan.

The offending jumper is part of BeyoncĂ©’s latest holiday collection, which includes a mixture of T-shirts, adult onesies and hooded sweatshirts, all fronted by some kind of branding to promote the singer.


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