Sunday, June 4


5 reasons men are not good parents

by Staff writer

You can argue all you can, but the truth remains that men rarely make good parents.

This assertion can be attributed to a number of reasons, including:

1. Lack of biological predisposition

Like most male organisms, men are not biologically wired in parenting. In fact, if not for societal pressure and a number of other reasons, most men today will choose never to have kids.

2. Competitive attitude

Men are very competitive in nature. Especially when it comes to sex or possessions. A good number of men only decide to become dads simply to beat their mates or to prove a point.

3. Adventurous attitude

American author Michael Lewis once wrote that fatherhood can be "boring and demoralizing." Ben George, editor of the literary journal Ecotone, described the moments of fatherhood as "dark".

These are only a few of the many men out there who are beginning to talk openly about the way they really feel about fatherhood. There are a lot of other stories too of fathers regretting their decision to have children only after a few years of the birth of the child.

4. Lack of knowledge about the process of childbirth

From an evolutionary psychological perspective, most of us do know that children are more important to their mothers than they are to their fathers, and, as a result, their loss would be more devastating to them.

Because men don't really understand the special hard work that goes into making a baby, it is not surprising they are often less dedicated to the child.

5. Hard-hearted nature

A good dose of soft emotions are required in parenting but, unfortunately, not very many men could deal with that kind of softness. This is one reason we have more abusive fathers than mothers today.


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