Saturday, May 20


Poem: I Am Me

by Daniel Nkado

I am strange
I don’t do like you do
Eat, drink, sing or sleep like you
I am different
I am me

I am poor
I don’t have the things you have
Not been to places you’ve been to
Or sat and dined with people of your class
Yet, I live

I am weak
I don’t feel the power you command
I don’t have the servants you have
Or tame maids at my beck and call
Yet, like the painted lady, I soar

I am a mess
I don’t dress the way you do
Or have my hair as tidy as yours
Or my shoes or socks as high-grade
Still, I feel glorious

I am dull
I don’t know the things you know
Many times I feel lost and cry
I wander and search
But I am hopeful

I am me
Pure and untainted I come
Prime and novel I remain
I am me
And I hope you are you.


  1. But you didn't mention how beautiful and colourful and free you are.

    1. Lisa dear
      But I did mention the painted lady pretty much sums up beauty, color and freedom.

  2. Daniel painted lady kwa
    Bobrisky things?

    1. Painted lady is a kind of butterfly.

  3. Lovely poem Dan. It spoke to me


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