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6 ways to get people to take you seriously

by Raunak Sapkota

Okay, the key here is to maintain a level of seriousness and express the feeling that you have your own sense of belief and will not be faltered.

Here are several ways to achieve this:

1. Think before you speak

You probably learned this already in the moral science classes but chances are you still don’t follow it. No one will take you seriously if you contradict yourself in 5 seconds or you keeping bantering about things that don’t make sense. So make sure that you think twice before you let that word out.

2. Dress decently

Contrary to what people might say, dressing decently does make you seem like a professional. Um, what do they call it these days?

Ah, “Woke”. Yes.

You must seem woke on the subject you’re apparently discussing, and decent clothes help to maintain that level of professionalism. Relax, relax, you don’t have to wear a tux! A well-ironed shirt, tie, skirt/pants/trousers should do just fine.

Neat casual clothes work too.

3. Don’t agree with everything people say

This does not mean you go around contradicting everything everyone says either. It just means that in whatever you do or say, people with whom you are conversing must get the idea that you have your own set of beliefs. Make it strong, so that they don't try to pressure you into doing things you would mentally oppose.

4. Be polite, but firm

Be polite to people you speak to. It is just a way of showing that you have good manners and are from a respectable background. But this doesn’t people you can’t have arguments. You can definitely do, but if you are polite then the opponent takes your words with more validity and you’re less likely to piss them off.

5. Be sociable

Well, at least try to look so ‘cause God knows there’s not much to benefit from introversion. If you are sociable and generally look more extroverted, then people will presume that you have more experiences on subject matters and more “connections”.

Don’t go full yakuza, though. Keep a respectable image in society, and people will value your “assets” more (not those assets, you damn pervert), hence they’ll be taking you more seriously.

And the last point is:

6. Do research on subject matters

This one is the last, but, in my opinion, the most important. Unless they took Trump’s classes, no one’s gonna think high of you if you tell them global warming is a hoax. So do some research on topics you frequently talk about, so that you will seem like an expert (which you can be), and ultimately people will take you more seriously!

See? Easy, right? Follow these steps and in no time society will be valuing your opinions more.


Raunak Sapkota

I’m pretty young, and my dream is to know about everything there is to know so come at me with everything you’ve got and I’ll try to fulfill your queries the best I can (whether from personal experience or external reliable sources.)

And I have this other dream too. It's to help others learn more about the world, and beyond.

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  1. If you don't take yourself seriously, people will not take you serious


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