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US-based couple that died mysteriously on Christmas day may have been poisoned


A Liberian couple from Minnesota, United States of America, was found dead on Christmas morning – the day of their fifth wedding anniversary.

Though Mr and Mrs Lawrence Gross were earlier believed to have died from generator smoke which reportedly suffocated them to death at the wife’s family residence in Chocolate City, Monrovia, a new report now suggests the couple might have been poisoned.
According to a Facebook user, Aremo Oriola, the couple had been sending money from the United States to the husband’s brother
(name withheld) in Liberia to build a house for them prior to their return.

When they arrived home, the brother cooked food and sent to them.

They both reportedly died after eating the food and their bodies were found with foam coming out of their mouths.



Another account of the story, according to Liberian news website Front Page Africa, sources close to the deceased family said that on the night prior to their demise, both Lawrence and Shelly Gross had visited Lawrence's bother's home where they dined.

It is believed that the couple was poisoned at that dinner.

Also according to the website, Lawrence's brother owed the couple US$40,000 for business he had transacted for them in Liberia.

The couple was discovered dead on December 25 – the day that marked their fifth wedding anniversary.

They arrived in Liberia from the United States on December 23 to reconnect with families, celebrate their wedding anniversary and check on their businesses in Liberia.

As at the time of filing this report, all events surrounding this tragedy remains speculative.

The Liberian police is yet to issue an official press release on their investigation.


  1. Ahhhhh. Human being! Nemesis will surely catch up with you

  2. That's sàaaaad!!! it's really shameful!! Lord have mercy for the children left behind and the families affected. We need God in our lives and true heart conversion! Save us oh God from the Love of self!

  3. So sad. This is why I am never coming back to Africa again. This is Liberia but it happens in Nigeria a lot too. If it is not poison it is kidnap.
    Trust no one even your kin

  4. They always been told to go to church by themselves to pray about protection, but not being brought in a casket (((
    I was present at his funeral here in America and was shocked seeing that he was brought to America and buried here but his wife was buried in Africa long before he arrived here
    It's so , so sad that you can't trust to anybody , even your family members ((


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