Tuesday, December 13


Doctors start treating Uyo church collapse victims

Nigeria rushed plastic surgeons and other specialists on Monday to Uyo city in the south to treat more than one hundred people injured when a church collapsed in one of the worst recent building accidents in the West African country.

"We ... raised a team of experts to come to Uyo and render a helping hand and bring succor to the weak, the sick and those who are in dire need of complicated surgery," Suleiman Giwa, head of the surgeons, told reporters at Uyo's biggest hospital.

Two residents have told reporters that at least 100 people were killed in the collapse in Uyo during a service on Saturday.

Officials have said the death toll is around 32. Some 115 people were injured, according to emergency agency NEMA.

Buildings collapses occur frequently in Nigeria and are often blamed on lack of construction permits and the use of cheap materials. Critics have said that authorities tend to understate the death toll at such accidents.

In related news, many have used various mediums to voice their testimonies, thanking God for having spared them or their relations.

A popular Nigerian actress also celebrated God's work in her life as she claimed a delay in her flight schedule was the reason she failed to be among the collapse victims on Saturday.

"It was by His grace that I am alive today," said one Grace Okonita, a mother of four who survived the collapse. "I lost one leg and my hand is broken."


  1. How ironic...ppl went to church, got injured and are now being treated by doctors. Issorait


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