Wednesday, November 23


Why atheists are better people than Christians

by Zoletta Cherrystone

Theists believe all they have to do is 'repent' and they'll be as good as new.

Murderers in prison walk around with sparkling eyes and blissful smiles, believing they're still going to heaven, because they 'got saved'.

But atheists, on the other hand, believe no such hogwash. We know that this life is the only one we're ever going to have, and we don't want to squander it away in a prison cell.

Also, for many atheists, and I mean for the atheists who
truly know why they are an atheist, and not the ones who call themselves atheists only because their lives are miserable and they want to rebel...true atheists who actually give thought to how religion has corrupted the world, how it interferes with our laws, and human rights...those atheists are the ones who care deeply about their fellow human beings, and the state of mankind.

It would be very unlikely that someone who cares about all the things that atheists seem to give great attention to, would want to be part of anything that would harm another human being.

Certainly, there are many crimes that one could argue don't hurt anyone directly such as jerking off to a nice hot porn, or having consensual sex with a fellow adult, but nevertheless, atheists seem to care very much about their integrity, and being on the right side of history always.


When religious people do “good things” they are often doing so in conditioned response to an ethereal reward/punishment set of beliefs. The gain or reward is the motivation for the good deed. Without the reward, you will see raw malevolence.

When non-believers do “good things” it's just because they want to do them.


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