Thursday, October 20


Why you should never kill yourself

by Ajim Bagwan

The first thing you got to understand while deciding to kill yourself is that it's not going to be easy and it is not going to be painless.

Relatively painless is the least you can get.

Many people attempt suicide and fail miserably, either due to the last minute panic and the sheer stress that one can go through during such act and often by not planning and thinking the whole thing through.

Suicide takes a great deal of courage. A strong will of heart and mind.

Plus your body may go against your instincts due to the pain of the process. That is why people fail. And many people carry on with their lives without ever actually executing the act.

They will finally come to realize that living or surviving is way better than being dead and rotting.

I think so too. I am gonna die anyhow, someday. So what am I losing by living on? What am I gaining by killing myself?

Better live and do something else, see what a new day brings.

Anything can happen if you live. The only thing that will happen once you are dead is that you will stay dead and rot in the earth. Why be in a hurry?

But some are stronger than me and somehow manage to kill themselves. And that's the most twisted form of courage ever.


  1. It's a coward way out of life if you ask me.

  2. It is an offense for one to leave the problems of Naija for us,only to come and go and kill himself.

  3. I love my life, I don't even wish t do after 100yrs self

  4. Never thought to kill myself. I live each day with hope


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