Monday, October 24


Who remembers this part in the story of OLA?

by Gloria Ezeh

If you have read Ola - The Tale of a Young Moon Maiden by Daniel Nkado, then you must know that the most memorable part of the story is when Ola and her companions finally entered the magical forest.

Remember the first kiss with the Prince happened in the forest.

And then that strange creature they met!!!

Boju can make you pee in your pants with his amusing words:

Who remembers this part of the story?

"Ugegbe and two other sisters saw Ola and her friends off that early morning. They stopped after the Tall Mountain and bade them farewell. They had refilled their gourd for them and replenished their stock. Boju seemed the happiest as he prattled on and on as they walked. But when Ola stubbed a toe against a piece of rock, he stopped talking. Ola bent, pulled out the chip of broken nail and rubbed her toes over.
“Sorry, mistress,” Boju said, looking very sorry in the face. “Boju not talk again.”
“It’s nothing, Boju,” Ola said. She waved across the bleeding toe and it healed up.
Onyema’s worried face changed to a resigned frown as he turned to Nene. Nene responded with a similar gesture.
“Glad we can finally have peace,” Azu said, referring to Boju who hadn’t said another word since his last.
“Peace?” Boju said, as if coming back to his senses. “Tall one, did you just says peace?”
“Yes, peace!” Azu yelled. “Some quietude!”
“Peace?” Boju muttered. He scratched his head as he tried to decipher the meaning of peace. “Oh, that!” he finally screamed. “Peace, Boju likes peace too.”
“Then shut up!” Onyema snapped, though with what might be false seriousness.
“Sorry, my prince,” Boju said, turning curious eyes to him, “but Boju not know what schtup is. Boju not familiar with your gummy tongue.”
“It means close your mouth!” Onyema yelled.
It was difficult to tell if he was still faking the seriousness this time.
“Oh,” Boju said, turning his face away. He turned to himself. “But Boju cannot closes mouth. Nose too small and mouth helps him to breathe.”
“You are just hopeless,” Onyema muttered and walked past him.
“Hey, my prince, wait! Please wait!” Boju ran after him. “What does you now means by ho- ho-hopeness?”
They all broke into laughter."

I bet what none of you ever realized is that "schtup" is actually an English word.

Don't ask me the meaning, Google it!!!

And if by now you have not read OLA, I don't know what to say to you ooo!


  1. schtup..have sexual intercourse with...I never new that

  2. I haven't discovered DNB when d story aired.

  3. Sent me back to read that novel again great read. No regrets buying it

  4. Guess I haven't discovered DNB stories when Ola was aired
    How do I get this story?
    Can whoever has it pls send it to me?
    Biko help a sister out

  5. Just finished ola. Wow wow wow. Best thing I read in a while. Took just 2 days slow reader lyk me

  6. Ola is great. Been looking forward to another epic set story from dan


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