Friday, August 19


Why Mothers Are Better Parents

A renowned psychotherapist and family counselor has this to say:


I think it's just biology.

She carried the child internally for 40 weeks, and then gave birth. The child is literally attached to her. And since only the mother (unless you can afford a nursemaid) could breastfeed, her child's very life is dependent on her. So she is crucial to the child's daily survival, whereas the male role is more as a support figure.

This is changing, of course. In more advanced countries, woman have fought for their rights to be included in the larger world.

The bottle has changed the ability for others to care for the infant, which gives the mother more freedom if she does not want to breastfeed. That way, the father can actually participate in feeding the infant too.

I believe that our current culture is finally one that understands and respects the role of men in parenthood. We have begun to take note that children from single-parent households - in general - do not fare as well as those raised by two parents (note that I'm not saying all).

I think that it is the balance of having 2 parents in the household that provides a solid foundation, particularly if the couple has a strong relationship together.


  1. There is nothing like waking up every morning to see both parent!
    Am proud of my late parents!

  2. Two is better than one. Am still angry at death for taking away my dad at just 4yrs

    1. Its Well Chidinma am sure your dad is looking down at you and is proud at the lovely person you have become.

  3. Mothers are the best, I love my mum kilode and when I look into the eyes of my 3 daughters I know am loved too.


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