Tuesday, August 16


Did You Cry When You Saw Roots, Like Me?

by Staff writer

No doubt, the remade Roots incorporates more research about Gambia and the Mandinka culture, taking great pains to ensure characters spoke with the actual African languages spoken at the time.

Research reveals Kunte Kinte came from an area that owned horses, so the same type of horse is also featured in the film.

Roots doesn’t shy away from the truth about Africans’ own role in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, either, and the series’ depiction of the Middle Passage makes “Amistad” look mild!


  1. The thoughts alone. The whites should pay somehow.

  2. This is d only film I cryd whyl watching. I jzt cld nt stand d flogging Kunta received n d branding b4 his name was changed 2 Tobi. Tnk God I was nt born then n also 4 d freedom we enjoy nw.

  3. I cried so much. It isn't easy. Respect to all our brothers and sisters who have gone on before


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