Wednesday, April 29


Wednesday Joke: Whip My Number!

by Desmond

Three guys defiled a curfew to go watch a football match. On their way home, they bumped into a group of soldiers on patrol.

The soldiers told the boys they will be flogged according to the number displayed on their shirts.

The first boy who wore a Chelsea Jersey with Mikel's number 12 on it was given 12 strokes.

The second boy wore a 50 Cents' T-shirt. He was given 50 strokes.

The last boy fainted before the soldier could get to him.

He was wearing Vote Buhari 2015!


  1. Me wear Feed 10,000 mouths promo shirt

  2. As I come where 1million match against cancer nko?

  3. If that promise was for 1million on each number nko?


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