Wednesday, March 18


When Lola Saw a Peanut - A Joke

by Zeus

Four-year-old Lola came home from school one evening with a big smile on her face.

Mama Lola saw her and asked her what the amusement was.

"Joshua showed me his weenie-peenie today at the playground!" Lola said.

Mama Lola's mouth burst open in surprise and anger. But before she could say a word, Lola went on to say, "It reminded me of a peanut."

Relaxing back with a hidden smile, Mama Lola asked, "Really very small, right?"

Lola replied, "No, the liquid that came out of it tasted salty."

Mama Lola fainted.

Joke by Zeus. You can send us jokes like this.


  1. Can't access site

    1. Apologies. We experienced a minor widgets error.

  2. hahahaha. pls dnt faint again. Pls, the suspense on Love and other things that follow is killing me. Can u post anoda one already.

    1. Hi, Pamela, next update comes tomorrow. Check our posting plan here


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