Thursday, December 25


WeeWeeChu! - A Christmas Joke

Okay, so Emeka and Nkiru are taking a romantic walk down the road one cool night.

Emeka grabs Nkiru's hands, draws her closer to him, kisses her and says, "Baby, you know I so much love you. There's no one here, it’s just us. Let's do Weeweechu."

Nkiru looks around and says, "My love, I don't want to do
Weeweechu please. Let's just hold hands and cuddle."

Emeka agrees.

After a while, Emeka asks her again, "Oh baby, my love, please let's do Weeweechu na!"

Nkiru replies: "Baby, don't rush me. I don't want to do it. I just want to be wrapped in your arms."

Emeka calms down again.

After another while, Emeka cannot hold it any longer. He says, "My heartbeat, it’s not fair o, let's do Weeweechu nah! Since last year oh!"

Nkiru reluctantly agrees.

Emeka immediately grabs her, pulls her closer to him and hugs her tight.

Then he brings out the guitar strapped to his back and they both start singing: 

"Weeweechu a merry Christmas! Weeweechu a merry Christmas! Weeweechu a merry Christmas and a happy new year!"

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