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See the most expensive hotel in Lagos, Nigeria

by Staff writer

Africa's biggest city, Lagos Nigeria, boasts of some of the classiest and most stylish hotels in Africa.

The question of which Lagos hotel is the most expensive has been a contentious issue for long, especially because some hotels have been known to offer super-expensive rooms alongside their standard rooms.

A good example is the Lagos Continental Hotel which offers high-class rooms of up to ₦500K in rates.

We have chosen this hotel as Lagos State's most expensive hotel because even the standard rates it offers are nowhere near cheap!

The Seattle Residences is currently the most expensive hotel in Lagos, with room rates going up to ₦250K per night.

The Seattle Residences is an upscale, luxury and fully-serviced apartments located in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The property features a well-tended garden, a world-class fitness centre and a bar.

The residence is a perfect blend of comfort and state-of-the-art facilities. Each apartment offers a calm loggia complete with an enchanting sea view.

Other equally expensive hotels in Lagos include:

1. The Wheat Baker Hotel (Ikoyi) - ₦150K per night

2. The George Hotel (Ikoyi) - ₦120K per night

3. Amara Suites (Victoria Island) - ₦140K per night


  1. 500k per night... Hey God!!!

  2. Once slept here well worth the amount. for the xtremely rich tho

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