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5 years ago, a 78-year-old man woke up from death at his own funeral...

by Staff writer

In 2014, a 78-year-old Mississippi man came back to life after officially being declared dead.

Walter Williams, from Mississippi, had been pronounced dead for two weeks before he eventually woke up.

"There was no pulse. He was lifeless," the coroner, Dexter Howard, had said.

After he completed his paperwork, Williams was placed in a body bag and transported to a funeral home.

It was there that the strangest thing happened.

The body bag moved!

"We got him into the embalming room, and we noticed his legs beginning to move, like kicking," Howard said.

"He also began to do a little breathing."

An ambulance was called. Paramedics arrived and hooked Williams up to monitors. Sure enough, he had a heartbeat, so they transported him to the Holmes County Hospital and Clinics.

Williams was released a few days later and he finally died of natural causes, according to the coroner.

"Every case I do is a learning experience," said Howard.

When asked what the Williams case taught him, he replied: "That miracles can happen."


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