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4 really simple things to do to stay in shape

by Staff writer

Most times we like to heap it on just 'having good genes', but more than just that, a good majority of people who stay in shape all year round are usually those that have built up a set of habits over the years that allows them to stay in shape without putting in a lot of effort.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to stay in shape:

1. Eat Right

You don't need to hire a dietitian or nutritionist -- monitoring what you consume is not rocket science. If you realize you've had a good portion of high-carb meals (bread, pasta, rice, starchy vegetables, milk, soda, cookies and sweets) in a day, you should try to make your next meal lighter.

2. Maintain An Active Lifestyle

Saying things like 'I don't like walking' can be detrimental to your health. The main reason we have legs in the first place is to walk with them -- in fact, if we walked as frequently as nature wants us to, there'd be no obesity problems today.

So, instead of going everywhere in the comfort a car, do some of your distances on foot.

3. Sleep Well

If you still think being fit and staying in shape is only about working out, you need to think again.

One of the main things fit people do to stay healthy and in shape is to actually sleep. Not only does the right amount of sleep give you the energy you need to work out on a regular basis, it also helps regulate your metabolism, repair your muscles, boost your athletic performance, etc.

For best results, you should aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night!

4. Read...Read...and Read!

Forget whatever Cersei Lannister said, knowledge is still power. And in nowhere else do you need information like you need it for your health.

New discoveries are being made each day, and things we previously thought were healthy in the past might no longer be, so you need to constantly update your info base by reading books, magazines and educational blogs.


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