Thursday, December 20


5 things that matter LESS as you grow older

by Doug Armey

Here are my top 5 things that matter less and less as you grow older.

And no, I’m not old. Just getting older.

1. Sex

Okay, sure it still matters. A lot. Just a lot less than when we were younger. Maybe because all those hormones coursing through my blood stream have subsided some. But also because sometimes a great conversation, over a candle-lit dinner, with a glass of wine with my wife is just as satisfying. Of course that often leads to something else. Winks.

2. Punctuality

I used to obsess over it. Mine and other people’s. When someone was late to an event it might wreck it for a while. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s unavoidable. Some people are punctual. Some never look at their watch. And little of it is worth wrecking an otherwise lovely time for. Oh, and time is racing by so maybe this will slow it down a smidge.

3. Accomplishments

I used to be hyper goal-focused. And that was good as I’ve accomplished a lot. But it was also bad because sometimes I missed the small joys of life while focused on accomplishing one more big thing. So I’ve learned to focus on the little joys of each day. Try to accomplish something good each day. And let the major goals kind of take care of themselves. Amazingly they do.

4. Worry

I used to worry about everything. Sometimes I’d worry that I wasn’t worrying and I’d missed something. Yet, worrying about the future or the past caused me to miss the joy of now. I realized little of what I worried about happened anyway. And most of that I couldn’t control. And I couldn’t change the past. So I decided to stop worrying. The result has been a lot more joy and zero more problems.

5. Being Right

I used to argue about a lot of things. Proving I was right was important. People needed to see my perspective. Yet, often they didn’t. And frankly it spoiled some otherwise great times. So I’ve learned that being right all the time isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’d rather not prove how much I’m right and instead prove how much I love.

It’s amazing how right that feels. And how little I care about being right.


Frankly, I’ve come to treasure moments more than monuments.

Today, more than tomorrow or yesterday.

Love more than accolades.

Relationships more than rightness.

And joy more than practicality.

The only thing I regret about growing older is that I have less time ahead to live out all I’ve learned.

Oh, and sometimes that, well, you know, isn’t as important. Growing older is mandatory. Growing wiser is optional.


Doug Armey is a writer, entrepreneur, investor and adventurer who loves his wife, kids, fast cars, slow sailing, traveling, friends and a good cocktail.

He's successfully built businesses, investments, a church and a financial consulting practice. Competed in karate, flown airplanes, raced sailboats, skied professionally and still carry the injuries.

Visit his blog where he writes on personal spirituality.


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