Monday, October 1


Why women love muscular men

by Daniel Nkado

The biological purpose of every living organism is to reproduce and ensure that it passes down its genes to the next generation.

In a few centuries, all traces of our existence as human individuals, including memories of us and our accomplishments, will likely be gone and forgotten, except for genes that survive from those of us who successfully reproduced through the generations.

Because of this, ensuring the survival of new offspring becomes a paramount affair.

To achieve this, nature conditioned the human mind to always select the best possible option during mating that will ensure the survival of the new offspring.

Before the arrival of civilization, survival solely depended on physical strength. This is still observed in other lesser primates like the chimpanzees and monkeys.

Prehistorically, human females always chose to mate with stronger-looking males because this ensured that they produced stronger babies, and also the stronger father will be more effective in protecting and providing for the mother and child.

This mental conditioning has survived through uncountable generations and is still at play today.

Because the presence of muscles usually demonstrates physical strength (though not always the case) it is no surprising why the majority of women go for muscular and well built guys.

They find them a better mating option than other classes of men.


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