Saturday, October 20


Meghan Markle's first job is so humble and inspiring

by Staff writer

During their recent visit to Sydney, Australia, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry visited Macarthur Girls High School.

While there, Meghan gave a quick speech to students and revealed her first job consisted of “taking out the trash.”

That's right -- before she ever became a Duchess who lives in a fancy palace and hangs with the Queen all day, Meghan took out the trash, a job she says made her the person she is today.

"You guys all remind me so much of myself when I was growing up," Meghan told the high schoolers.

"I went to an all-girls school which was incredibly diverse as well. I think being around such empowered young women, it becomes something that you all just grasp onto to understand your world. It makes me so emotional. You’re doing really, really good work and I’m so happy that we’re here. We give you our full support."

How inspiring!

Following Meghan and Harry’s visit, which was kept a secret from the students, most of them gushed over the royal couple.

“They didn’t tell us the royals were coming. If I knew, I would’ve looked nicer,” one student told Ten News.

“Meghan was waving at us, and we got a glimpse of Harry as well, so it was a really good atmosphere, to be honest. She was very elegant when she spoke. Very pretty as well,” another student explained.


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