Monday, August 20


Top 10 things that fade away really fast...

by Staff writer

We all know most things that exist in this world, from that tin of milk on top of the shelf to our relationships, starts to deteriorate with time.

Perhaps that's one of life's greatest mysteries.

When Indian man, Rahul Shekhawat, was asked to mention 10 things he knows that fades away really fast, here are the things he mentioned:

1. Your salary

2. Money realized from selling your land

3. Muscles gained by use of steroids and other quick-action powders

4. The girlfriend you hooked up with on Facebook

5. Weekends

6. The battery of Samsung phones

7. A plate of your favorite meal

8. The color of your T-shirt when the maid washes it

9. Your memory when you see the questions on the exam sheet

10. All the promises made by politicians when they get into power

Do you agree with Rahul?

What are the things in life you know fades away really fast?


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