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Why do children find it hard to express their love to their fathers?

by Staff writer

It is common knowledge that unlike to their mothers, children find it difficult to express their love to their fathers.

According to a new research, one in four people say they feel too awkward to say 'I love you' to their dads.

The study, which looked at the people's relationship with their fathers, also revealed nearly half (49% only) greet their fathers verbally when they see them.

Four out of nine (44%) admit they don't always say 'thank you' to their dad when he has helped them, while 43% reckon they should probably say 'I love you' more often.

And even though some of us can't tell our dads how we feel, we're still happy to take his cash, as researchers also found nearly two-thirds of adults (61%) regularly borrow money from their father.

Traditionally, the father's style of showing their kids love is a unique combination of corny jokes, bad dancing and playful kicks and punches.

The child in turn emulates this and soon begin to feel mom and dad are different in that way.

Society also do not help -- remember when a video of a father kissing his son sparked a heated debate.

It's a widely known saying that 'A father is the one who carries pictures of you and your family where his money should be'.

From throwing you up in the air so you can soar high, and then catching you back so you know that he'll always be there, he has always been an irreplaceable superhero.

When he never had your hand, he had your back.

So never you feel embarrassed of expressing your love to your father every chance you get, especially when you know they really deserve it!


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